MAGAN Managing Director Mag.


founded his first real estate company "Neuhuber und Partner" as early as 1988. Within a few years, the company was able to establish itself as a recognized force on the Austrian real estate market.

Expert since 1988

In the early 1990s, Neuhuber took over the Austrian general representative office of DTZ (Debenham Thorpe Zadelhoff, later Debenham Tie Leung), one of the world’s largest real estate consulting firms at the time. In 2001, he sold this company, then ranked third in the list of Austrian commercial brokers, to his British partners.

Originally founded as a pure holding company for investments, the then MAGAN Holding GmbH was for a long time the operating company of the well-known real estate professional. After the sale of DTZ, MAGAN then became the operating company.

In order to be able to differentiate the business areas even more clearly and to express this in the company name, MAGAN Holding GmbH was renamed MAGAN Advisors GmbH in the fall of 2018. With it, Neuhuber advises a high-caliber clientele in the selection and execution of real estate transactions, as investor or owner representative. A unique selling point is the support of Austrian investors in their purchases and sales in Germany.

Since 2004, MAGAN Group has also been active in Berlin and the new German federal states, with an additional office in Leipzig since 2014.

The second mainstay of MAGAN Group can be described as Private Equity/Club Deals. Together with changing investment companies and various partners real estate is purchased, managed and finally sold again.

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economic and political world

In addition to his activities on the real estate market, Mag. Neuhuber is a well-known personality in the economic and political world of Austria and Vienna: From 1996 to 2015 he served as a member of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council, most recently as deputy club chairman of his parliamentary group as well as economic spokesman.

Neuhuber is a member of the renowned, American professional association CRE as well as the British RICS, which is considered the international benchmark for education and management of real estate companies. Both associations are characterized by the particularly high ethical standards of their members’ professional practice.




Mag. Neuhuber founds the brokerage firm "Neuhuber und Partner" as a young entrepreneur. The company's business activities focus on investment real estate. Within a few years, the company becomes a trendsetter in the domestic industry, and its marketing methods set new standards in the Austrian real estate industry. The strict orientation towards international quality standards and order processing according to the highest ethical principles already characterize the basis for success.


Mr. Neuhuber takes over the exclusive Austrian representation of DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (then: Debenham Thorpe Zadelhoff). As a result, he becomes the domestic representative of one of the largest real estate consulting groups in the world with more than 4,000 employees and over 110 offices in 30 countries. This role brings international contacts as far afield as Asia and the U.S., as well as invaluable knowledge of international real estate markets, their interconnections, opportunities and risks. A knowledge from which MAGAN clients benefit every day.


The sale of the 100% share of DTZ Austria to the British partners takes place. In the subsequent exploratory phase, numerous real estate trends, products and consulting firms are analyzed worldwide. These findings form the philosophy and future field of activity of "MAGAN Property Investment Advisors". Thus, from the start in 2002, a newly created niche in the top segment of the Austrian real estate industry is successfully occupied and at the same time a new professional profile ("transaction advisor/owner's representative") is created. MAGAN subsequently advises on several spectacular portfolio transactions in the Austrian real estate market.



MAGAN recognizes the drastic undervaluation of Berlin apartment buildings and residential real estate in time and begins scouting for suitable investment properties.

2005 bis 2007

Mag. Neuhuber and his partner, the Austrian Stumpf Group, jointly acquire almost 70 apartment buildings in Berlin, Potsdam and Leipzig as part of a private equity investment. This creates a portfolio of around 1,500 portfolio units (Spree eins and und zwei GmbHs and Wannsee GmbH).

2011 bis 2014

After a phase of optimizing the properties and their management, the sale of around 600 apartments in condominium ownership and the remaining properties in global sales follows from 2011 to 2014.


From the beginning of 2014, MAGAN purchases apartment buildings in Leipzig, Dresden, Halle and other cities with a new partner (Trabi Immobilien). By the summer of 2016, a total of 33 properties were acquired and managed in the new German federal states. In 2017, the entire portfolio is sold to a German institutional investor.


Since 2016, MAGAN Firmengruppe has been acquiring apartment buildings in target markets with new private equity companies of the Horch Group.

A new addition is the Wartburg Group of Companies, and HY4HH, with which individual condominiums are acquired.

With Melkus Real Invest GmbH, residential and commercial properties are acquired at very attractive locations in undervalued areas.



Im Immobilieneinkauf stellt die Magan Gruppe einen kompromisslosen Anspruch: Wir schlagen den Markt. Egal ob auf eigene Rechnung im Rahmen von Private Equity Beteiligungsmodellen oder für unsere Mandanten als Berater. Dank jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung, tiefer Kenntnis der Immobilienmärkte und ausgezeichneter Vernetzung finden Mag. Alexander Neuhuber und sein Team das richtige Investment für Sie. Dabei sehen Sie als Magan Kunde im positiven Sinn immer nur die „Spitze des Eisberges“: Unsere Experten sortieren bereits ca. 95% der Objekte aus, bevor wir Ihnen eine kleine Auswahl der attraktivsten Targets in dem von Ihnen definierten Zielgebiet präsentieren. Und diese liegen dann immer spürbar unter dem Marktwert.


erkennt Magan rechtzeitig die drastische Unterbewertung Berliner Zinshäuser und Wohnimmobilien und beginnt mit dem Scouten geeigneter Investitionsobjekte.

2005 bis 2007

erwirbt Mag. Neuhuber mit seinem Partner, der österreichischen Stumpf Gruppe, gemeinsam fast 70 Mehrfamilienhäuser in Berlin, Potsdam und Leipzig im Rahmen einer Private Equity Beteiligung. So entsteht ein Portfolio mit rund 1.500 Bestandseinheiten. (Spree Invest Eins GmbH & Co KG, Spree Invest Zwei GmbH & Co KG)

2011 bis 2014

folgt nach einer Phase der Optimierung der Immobilien und deren Bewirtschaftung der Abverkauf von ca. 600 Wohnungen in Wohnungseigentum sowie der restlichen Objekte im Globalverkauf.


kauft Magan mit einem neuen Partner (Trabi Immobilien) Mietshäuser in Leipzig, Dresden, Halle und anderen Städten. Bis Sommer 2016 werden insgesamt 33 Liegenschaften in den neuen deutschen Bundesländern erworben und bewirtschaftet. 2017 wird das Portfolio global an einen deutschen institutionellen Investor verkauft.


erwirbt die Magan Firmengruppe mit neuen Private Equity Gesellschaften der HORCH Gruppe Zinshäuser in den Zielmärkten. Hinzugekommen sind die WARTBURG Unternehmensgruppe, und HY4HH, mit denen einzelne Eigentumswohnungen erworben werden. Mit der Melkus Real Invest GmbH werden Wohn-Vund Geschäftshäuser in sehr guten Lagen an unterbewerteten Standorten angekauft. 


Wir sehen uns als Ihr „Family Office für die Immobilienwirtschaft“. Dabei unterstützen wir Sie als Investor bei Ihren Akquisitionen oder wir strukturieren den Verkauf Ihrer Immobilie als Eigentümervertreter. In jeder Rolle bringt die Magan einen Mehrwert in der Optimierung Ihrer Immobiliengeschäfte. 30 Jahre Berufserfahrung, hunderte begleitete Transaktionen, ein nachweisbarer Track Record, sowie eine eindrucksvolle Bilanz unserer Einkäufe beweisen unsere Leistungsfähigkeit.